Laying out my vision for the writing.

Video game content producers lack, in my view, professionalism and unique insight. Too much is clickbait, and too much is “filler” — talking about press releases and minor, unmeaningful events.

I want a place where we have interesting stories. How much of the recent content you consumed about video games has taught you something or made you think differently? Have you learnt more about the industry or do you rely on internet communities for your opinions?

My vision is simple; I want to write about interesting things within the games sphere. Not to cover press releases and write reviews. I want to cover the culture. That’s the main goal. I have some ideas that I am interested in pieces, such as analysing the creative processes that go into video game creation, similar to my interviews on the Combo Podcast with an indie musician and an architecture expert, that had a lot of depth. The potential is endless.

What made me want to create the blog was to extend from my discussions of my podcast. Furthermore, I have been inspired by the many great tech writers, who write genuinely insightful pieces. An example is Ben Thompson who runs Stratechery. He does not write reviews, he writes thought-provoking articles that completely changed the way I look at technology — he covers strategy and business with a unique perspective on the industry and the companies.

I want a place where you can expect professionalism. No rants. No swearing. No jokes where they do not belong, particularly no “borderline” racist jokes at all. Neither will the articles be opinionated. At the same time, I want to strike a balance between professionalism and a not-too-formal tone.
I come from a scientific background where I simply write factually about scientific literature, consider it a strength. Facts matter to me, and the critical analysis of them. Solving problems is very much part of the way I think.

Hopefully, this sets out my vision for the future of this blog and I will continue to represent these values on the Combo Podcast.